IMC 2018: Sessions

Session 622: Memoria, Mnemonics, and the Multisensory in Birgittine Monasticism: Observations from Neuroscience

Tuesday 3 July 2018, 11.15-12.45

Sponsor:Extraordinary Sensescapes Working Group
Organiser:Corine Schleif, School of Art, Arizona State University
Moderator/Chairs:Corine Schleif, School of Art, Arizona State University
Karin Strinnholm Lagergren, Institutionen för musik och bild, Linnéuniversitetet, Växjö
Paper 622-aColor, Adrenalin, and Memory: The Birgittine Monastery as a Historical Laboratory
(Language: English)
Corine Schleif, School of Art, Arizona State University
Index terms: Archives and Sources, Art History - General, Medicine, Monasticism
Paper 622-bIn Tact and in Sync: Birgittine Processional Chant and Memory
(Language: English)
Volker Schier, Department of Musicology, KU Leuven
Index terms: Gender Studies, Liturgy, Monasticism, Music

Reliving, remembering, reconnecting were the center of every Birgittine nun’s daily routine. These activities were planned, coordinated and communal. The scholars in this session will explore the various multisensorial strategies that enabled the nuns to move together through time and space in order to re-sense the memoria passionis. Applying neuroscientific analyses and suggesting new means for extrapolating from historical data, presenters will show how the senses worked together mnemonically, serving to create memories of the past and to influence the memories of Birgittines and their benefactors for the future.