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IMC 2020: Sessions

Session 257: Digital Tools for Historical Research: A Round Table Discussion

Monday 6 July 2020, 14.15-15.45

Sponsor:Centre for the Digital Research of Religion, Masarykova univerzita, Brno
Organiser:David Zbíral, Department for the Study of Religions, Masarykova univerzita, Brno
Moderator/Chair:Robert Shaw, Oriel College, University of Oxford

This round table discussion seeks to bring together the users of digital tools assisting historical research, share knowledge about such tools, and create space for networking. Developers or experienced users of those tools will present the software and the usual workflow and discuss with current as well as potential users. The tasks covered will include the management of complex historical databases with OpenAtlas, assistance in assigning coordinates to historical places with Historical Geocoding Assistant, and recovering damaged content of digital images (e.g., of manuscripts, mosaics, and tapestries) with ImageJ.

Participants include Stefan Eichert (Naturhistorisches Museum Wien), Bill Endres (University of Oklahoma), Alexander Watzinger (Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften, Wien), and David Zbíral (Masarykova univerzita, Brno).