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IMC 2023: Sessions

Session 507: Learned Masculinities

Tuesday 4 July 2023, 09.00-10.30

Organisers:Fiona Lillian Knight, Faculty of History, University of Cambridge
Savannah Pine, Christ's College, University of Cambridge
Moderator/Chair:Kirsty Day, School of History, Classics & Archaeology, University of Edinburgh
Paper 507-aThe New Man and the Male Zeal for Learning: Anthropological Thought, Education, and Gender in the Monastic Ideals of St Odo of Cluny and St Abbo of Fleury
(Language: English)
Karolina Białas, Wydział Nauk o Kulturze i Sztuce, Uniwersytet Warszawski
Index terms: Education, Gender Studies
Paper 507-bOur Mother the University: Familial Structures and Masculine Models in the Medieval University
(Language: English)
Elena Rossi, Department of History, Royal Holloway, University of London
Index terms: Education, Gender Studies
Paper 507-cVulnerability, Knowledge, and Masculinity in Three Late Medieval Gynecological Tracts
(Language: English)
Sarah Friedman, Department of English, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Index terms: Gender Studies, Medicine

As medieval gender scholars have been focusing more and more on the study of multiple masculinities, this panel seeks to explore multiple masculinities in relation to intellectual networks, both formal and informal. What did it mean to be a 'learned' man in the Middle Ages? How were these types of identities formed, what knowledge did they circulate, and what is their legacy?