Proof of Status

When you register for the Student / Retired / Unwaged Four-Day Registration, or submit a bursary application as one of these categories, you will be asked by email to send us some proof of your status.

Any of the documents below can be sent to us as an email attachment (PDF or JPG if possible), as a photocopy by post, or by fax. We do not accept screenshots. You only need to send one proof of status, but you will need to submit it separately for the bursary application process and for registration.

Accepted Proofs of Status for students:

  • Student card scans / photos featuring an expiry date or have validity during the current academic year
  • Recently issued official university enrolment forms or certificates
  • Recently signed letters from academic departments on official headed paper

Accepted Proofs of Status for unwaged individuals:

  • Official state documentation
  • Official documentation provided by work unions

If you are earning a low wage, please send in any proof of your current income.

Accepted Proofs of Status for retired individuals:

  • Passport scan as proof of age (over the age of 65)
  • Recent letter from former employer stating the date of retirement
  • Official former employer or state documentation

If you have given evidence that you are retired in the past, you do not need to re-submit this and should ignore the email.