IMC 2007: Sessions

Session 229: New Aspects of Cistercian Abbeys in the North

Monday 9 July 2007, 14.15-15.45

Sponsor:Cîteaux: commentarii cistercienses, Pontigny
Organiser:Terryl N. Kinder, _Cîteaux: Commentarii cistercienses_, Pontigny
Moderator/Chair:David N. Bell, Department of Religious Studies, Memorial University of Newfoundland
Paper 229-aA Breton Presence in Yorkshire: Begar Priory, c. 1158-1452
(Language: English)
Claude Lucette Evans, Department of French, German & Italian
Index terms: Charters and Diplomatics, Ecclesiastical History
Paper 229-bThe Pieter Pourbus Painting of Ten Duinen in Context
(Language: English)
Harry van Royen, Abdijmuseum, Koksijde
Index terms: Archaeology - Sites, Architecture - Religious, Local History, Monasticism
Paper 229-cA Chamber for Guests: The Development of Guest Houses and Guest Halls in England, Wales, and Flanders
(Language: English)
Glyn Coppack, English Heritage, Northampton
Index terms: Archaeology - Sites, Architecture - Religious, Economics - Rural, Monasticism

Recent research, both archival and archaeological, is bringing to light little-known abbeys or those previously considered lost. A collection of documents allows the unknown history of Begar Priory – the Yorkshire daughter-foundation of a Breton abbey – to be reconstructed; the architecture of Balmerino, a forgotten (but currently much-studied – see following session) royal 13th-c. abbey in Scotland is introduced; and the archaeological evidence for houses and halls that once sheltered guests in English, Welsh and Flemish Cistercian monasteries is presented.