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IMC Statement on the Russian Invasion of Ukraine


The University of Leeds has issued a statement on the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The IMC supports this statement in its entirety. As this statement makes clear, we want to do everything we can to show our support for Ukrainian scholars and students.

There have been calls for bans on the participation of individual Russians and Belarusians in scholarly events and scholarly exchange. But banning Russians and Belarusians based solely on their citizenship goes against our principles of scholarship and open communication. Such sanctions have the potential to harm those living in authoritarian regimes who are opposed to the war. We encourage all members of our community who stand against the war in Ukraine to come together in support for our international colleagues and students.

We therefore have adopted and will implement the following policy for forthcoming IMCs:

  • The University of Leeds and the IMC stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine and is seeking to offer support at this difficult time.
  • The University of Leeds and the IMC condemn Russia’s war against Ukraine. Anyone supporting Russia’s war, or justifying it in any way, will not be welcome at IMC.
  • Colleagues based in Russia or Belarus may participate in a personal capacity, not as a representative of their institution. We will remove all institutional affiliations for these delegates from the IMC Programme.
  • Our established policies on Dignity and Mutual Respect, reinforced by our Disciplinary Policy, will apply. Anyone witnessing any unacceptable behaviour should contact