How your Proposal is Processed

A large pile of IMC programmes.

The information given on this page details the steps taken to process submissions in previous years. Whilst we will follow this process as closely as possible for proposals for IMC 2021, the continuation of remote working and changes in working hours and practices due to the Covid-19 pandemic may require us to adapt our process to the current situation.

Following submission, the IMC team will log and review all session/paper proposals. Our dedicated team then check every paper/session proposal to ensure that all information has been provided. At this point, we may get back in touch to request omitted information. In general, we begin this process in late August, eleven months prior to the IMC.

Paper proposals are processed following the deadline of 31 August. At this point, proposals are also made available to the Programming Committee.

Session proposals are processed following the deadline of 30 September and are made available to the Programming Committee at this point.

Paper proposals are then grouped into sessions of three papers, and session proposals are attached to up to four strands. These sessions are then passed to the relevant members of the Programming Committee.

All paper/session proposals are then reviewed by the Programming Committee, a panel of international scholars each with special responsibility for a strand within their area of expertise. The Programming Committee then make an assessment on the suitability of the paper/session proposal for the various strands based on our Participation and Acceptance Criteria. At this stage, the Programming Commitee or the IMC team  may get in touch to request more information.

Working with the Programming Committee, our team endeavour to organise around 2,300 papers from 40 strands into seventeen timeslots which are scheduled over four days in the following July. In arranging the schedule, we attempt where possible to avoid scheduling sessions which may attract a similar audience at the same time, though this is not always possible.

Acceptance cannot be confirmed until the schedule of the conference has been agreed with the Programming Committee. In general, we anticipate being able to notify paper/session proposers whether their proposal has been accepted into the programme by the December prior to the IMC.