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'Couch we awhile, and mark': Underside Couching Masterclass


Directed by Tanya Bentham

When: Sunday 30 June, 10.00-16.00
Where: University House: Beechgrove Plaza
Price: £45.00

German brick stitch is a continental counted-stitch embroidery technique. Particularly associated with German embroidery of the later Middle Ages, this technique was used to create geometrical designs (often in bright colours) that form repeating patterns. Brick stitch designs are oriented straight on the piece, rather than on an angle, and the regular grid of the brick pattern makes it easy to create figures, including plants, people, and animals. Brick stitch can be seen in surviving purses, as well as on larger embroidered works such as the Hildesheim Cope (1310-1320), now on display in the Victoria and Albert Museum.

After an introduction to sewing techniques, participants will work in silk thread on linen to create a small panel of brick stitch.

All materials are included. Demonstrations of the relevant techniques will be shown throughout the day, as well as individual tuition where needed.

Tanya Bentham has been a re-enactor for years, working the last 20 as a professional living historian. Her main focus has always been on textiles, especially embroidery, but also making detours into costume, natural dyeing, weaving, millinery, and silver-smithing. She has delivered workshops for numerous museums, schools, and community organisations throughout Yorkshire. Her books Opus Anglicanum: A Handbook and Bayeaux Stitch: A Practical Handbook were recently published by Crowood press as part of their embroidery series.

Please note that lunch is not included.

The workshop can only accommodate a limited number of participants. Early booking is recommended.