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Making Leeds Medieval

The below information relates to IMC 2023. Details for IMC 2024 will be published here in due course.

Two re-enactors in medieval armour carrying swords and shields demonstrate medieval combat techniques in front of a packed crowd in an outdoor arena.

Combat demonstration, IMC 2022

Thursday 04 July, University Square, 10.30-18.00. This event is free of charge.

Hosted by International Medieval Congress

As this year’s International Medieval Congress comes to a close, immerse yourself in the Middle Ages with an exciting day of medieval-themed entertainment. Watch thrilling combat displays, get up close to birds of prey, and meet people demonstrating medieval crafts and techniques.

Medieval Craft Fair

The Medieval Craft Fair will run on both Wednesday and Thursday, giving you the chance to browse beautiful medieval-inspired handmade items from books to textiles and jewellery.


The programme for Making Leeds Medieval may be subject to change due to factors beyond our control.

10.30        Opening of ‘Making Leeds Medieval': Visit University Square, Leeds University Union, and Beech Grove Plaza to meet the different craft makers, demonstrators, performers, societies, and local traders!

10:45        De Mowbray’s Musicke: Come to the Combat Arena to enjoy some medieval music.

13:00        Artillery Drill by Kynges Ordynauce: Learn about loading and firing late medieval artillery in Beech Grove Plaza.

13.00        Rediscovering Medieval Lives at Calverley Old Hall: Join Caroline Stanford, Landmark Trust in the Beechgrove Room (University House) to learn about the history of the hall that housed the local Calverley family for 600 years.

 13.30        Viking Combat Display by 3 Swords: Come to the Combat Arena for a thrilling demonstration of the arms and armour from the Viking Age.

16.00        Viking Combat Display by 3 Swords: A further demonstration of Viking age combat in our Combat Arena.

16:30        Artillery Drill by Kynges Ordynauce: A further demonstration of late medieval artillery on Beech Grove Plaza.

20.30        Rise up and Let us Dance: Come to the Riley Smith Hall to celebrate the close of the IMC with an evening of medieval dance from the Arbeau Dancers.

Displays throughout the Day

Throughout the day, a variety of re-enactors and performers will be demonstrating traditional crafts around campus.

3 Swords (University Square) - Encounter weapons and combat experts, providing a unique insight into the arms and armour from the Viking Age (8th to 12th centuries).

De Mowbray’s Musicke (University Square) - Wandering minstrels will provide the perfect musical accompaniment to the activities, demonstrations, and performances at Making Leeds Medieval.

Eran ud Turan (University Square) - Learn about the art and culture of early medieval Sogdiana (modern day Uzbekistan and Tajikistan)

Kynges Ordynaunce (Beech Grove Plaza) - Come see a range of late medieval artillery and learn about how they were used.

Linstock & Pledget (Beech Grove Plaza) - Consult with a medieval surgeon and learn about other aspects of medieval life.

The Mulberry Dyer (University Square) - Try your hand at traditional dyeing techniques using natural ingredients.

 SMJ Falconry (University Square) - Located on the grassed area next to the Marquee, view a selection of birds of prey including falcons, kestrels, merlin, hawks, and owls, and find out about the how birds of prey were handled and used.

Threads of Time (University Square) - Tanya Bentham presents an array of exquisitely constructed textile arts.

A woman holds a baby owl at Making Leeds Medieval 2018

Historical & Archaeological Societies Fair

Thursday 06 July, 10.30-18.00, Leeds University Union Building: Foyer

We are delighted to welcome local and national groups dedicated to preserving medieval heritage to meet with attendees and members of the public to showcase their important work.

Exhibitors include:

  • Towton Battlefield Society - Preserving the Towton Battlefield as a site of historic interest for public benefit and promote research into medieval history with particular reference to the Battle of Towton.
  • West Yorkshire Archaeological Service - Preserving the past, serving the present, and protecting the future by collecting and looking after the unique documentary heritage of the region.
  • Yorkshire Archaeological & Historical Society - Promoting the preservation and study of the archaeology, history, architecture, antiquities, culture and traditions of the historic county of Yorkshire.