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Lincoln Cathedral & Bishops' Palace

Thursday 04 July
Depart: Parkinson Steps: 09.30
Arrive: Parkinson Steps: 19.30
Price: £65.00

Lincoln Cathedral is one of the most impressive cathedrals in England, embodying architectural and sculptural features from its first period of construction under Norman rule, through to its completion in the later Gothic age. It is the burial place of royalty and was a place of pilgrimage for the devout seeking the assistance of its sainted bishop and 'harrier of kings' Hugh of Avalon. The cathedral has some of the finest medieval sculpture to be seen, both in the cloister where we will have a special tour of the roof bosses with their depictions of medieval life, and in the new exhibition space where the famous 12th-century frieze is now the focus of the display.

In the cathedral's shadow stands the medieval Bishops' Palace. The East Hall range, with its stunning vaulted undercroft, was built by Bishop St Hugh before 1200 as his private residence, whilst the chapel range and entrance tower were built by Bishop William Alnwick, who modernised the palace in the 1430s. In sum, they form one of the most impressive episcopal residences to survive in England. The Palace also features a superb walled terrace garden and vineyard.

There will also be free time to explore the delightful town on the hilltop before returning to Leeds.

For further information about Lincoln Cathedral, please visit:

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This excursion will be led by Jenny Alexander (Department of Art History, University of Warwick) and Bryony Wilde (Department of Art History, University of Warwick).