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Crusader Criminals: Knights Who Went Rogue in the Holy Land




A Conversation with Steve Tibble and Peter Konieczny 

When: Wednesday 03 July, 19.30-20.30
Where: Stage@Leeds: Stage 3
Price: Free of charge

To celebrate the launch of Crusader Criminals: Knights Who Went Rogue in the Holy Land, join author Steve Tibble in conversation with Peter Konieczy from

The crusading period was witness to obscene levels of brutality and violence – but this was not limited to the battlefield alone. More so than any other medieval warzone, the Holy Land was rife with criminality, awash with muggers and gangsters, marauders and pirates. Bringing together a wealth of unexamined stories, from murderous monks and incompetent corsairs, to assassinations, bootlegging, and banditry, Crusader Criminals offers us a unique vision of the period – and charts the downward spiral of violence that grew from the horrors of war.

This event will be livestreamed on and will be followed by a drinks reception.